• Melissa Gombola

Yoga in the Time of Quarantine

"Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny." ~ C.S. Lewis

Hello Beautiful Yogis! I have missed all of you tremendously. This has been an intensely unusual time & I know everyone has been feeling isolated & is craving community. Know that this is okay. Breathe. It will not always be like this.

This time is far from normal. Your life does not need to follow its usual rhythm. Now is the time to slow down. To notice. There is much time learn in this space of quiet & stillness. All will be well.

I'm having a difficult time with how impersonal all of this feels - the online meetings & videos. But. This is a remarkable technology that we can play around with. This is an excellent time to cultivate an enriching home practice, if you haven't already begun one. We're in this together. In our own homes. Breathing & moving & praying & living. United together.

I will be making more yoga class videos for you to follow along to. The bonus to practicing at home is allowing your body to receive the care & attention that you personally need - you can pause the videos at any point to hold a posture longer. Perhaps more restorative poses can be held for a greater length. Savasana can be supremely luxurious with all kinds of props you have at home - pillows, blankets, eye pillows, etc. You can put together your own music playlists with your favorite tunes & play it while you practice & follow along. Like always, the sequences I put together can be just a framework for you. Take what you need & leave what does not feed you.

Take such good care of yourself & your loved ones during this time. It is a trying time to be sure. But, it can also be a time where we find the connection at home. Again. Reunite. With our family. Find the simple. The tiny joys you perhaps had taken for granted before.

Today. Take the time to breathe. To live. Embrace a slower pace. To take pleasure in the simple joys you find in your life. Do something you normally wouldn't do. Find wonder in spaces you normally wouldn't look. Be the light. For yourself. For someone else.

We will get through this. Together. Even when apart.

So much love & light to all of you,



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