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Begin Again

Begin again

I've taken a good, long break. Not from the yoga, but from the page.

This website & blog was a a beautiful way for me to share my love of yoga, but was also left by the wayside as our life got turned upside down. It's been a fun, wild ride. I'm feeling settled & ready to jump back in again. Ready to begin again.

Moving is always interesting. It's never easy. It's always filled with excitement, sorrow & reflection. But also very little time. The time is filled with packing & saying goodbye & "lasts." This past move was no different. I let all of my "things to be done" to be put last on my list, as the move took over.

Now, we're settled. We've been settled, for over half a year now. But, I've just started to catch up. The kiddos are busy. I've been feeling overwhelmed with everything, but excited about all of the change.

The yoga has been incredible. I've been teaching a lot. More than I anticipated, as moving & finding a new community was something I was worried about. It's been easy, actually, finding a home to teach.

It has been an adventure finding spaces that have opened their doors wide for me to share my love of yoga in my classes. I've been exploring new opportunities & am eager to continue to expand class offerings as this new year unfolds.

I'll continue to add onto this site & this blog as I find the time to do so. Stay tuned! There is so much to look forward to....

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