• Melissa Gombola

Yoga. With Kids.

These days, my yoga practice varies.

Some days I am lucky to be able to go into a studio for a 60 or a 75 minute class. I flow with a community. I sync my breath with those surrounding me. The rhythm of our exhales guide our movement.

Most often though, I practice at home. Moments here & there, on & off of a mat. I go through my own flows. I explore various movements. Whatever feels good in my body that day. It's unpredictable.

I love to go upside down. Inversions challenge me & strengthen me. My body. My mind. It makes me slow down & just be. Gaining a new perspective. And often clarifying thoughts to a new outlook.

While my big kids are at school, my babe & I hang out. Sometimes she does yoga with me, while other times she does her own thing. It's a good balance both of us.

Here is us. On a typical day a few weeks ago. Just playing around.

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