• Melissa Gombola

I Am A Yoga Mama

This was my first yoga video. February 2015.

I had been practicing yoga in a studio for a few months. It was exactly what I needed. Community. Movement. Mindfulness.

One day, I couldn't make it to the yoga studio. We were home. We were all stir crazy. Kiddos were wild. I was yelling.

I laid out my yoga mat. I stepped onto my mat and I started to flow. I just did what felt good in my body. I moved with my breath. The movement lifted me. My mind shifted. I filled up.

This was the beginning of me discovering and recovering what I needed. This began my quest for finding me again. I found something that I could do either on my own or with them if they wanted.

This was the start of finding myself again. And getting lost again. And the cycle continues...but this is life. And yoga grants me the space to explore-mentally, physically & emotionally.


I am a Yoga Mama

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